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Our Business

Digital Signage

Shenzhen Kerchan Technology Co., Ltd. -the factory of Digital Signage is one of the Top 10 of one stop digital signage. We manufacture, assembly, test, warehousing and delivery of Advertising & Branding solution, indoor & outdoor LCD Display, Commercial use Tablet, custom kiosks. With our open frame LCD, one of our UK client increased their business in international retail display by 20% in 2016; With our technology in Digital Signage, we helped one Saudi Arabia Media company updated their light box advertising system to be internet based advertising system…..In 2012, to rich products line, Kerchan invested AOZ as a partner factory for producing larger size LCD advertising display.

Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker

ZYT Technology-the factory of Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker, it was joint-invested by Kerchan Group and another shareholder at 2012. Now it owns 1800 square meters workshop, with the support on 5 professional designing team lead by Yu+, the Red Dot awarded designer. we have launched stone series, animal series, cookies series and coolpi series power bank from 2011 to 2015. Since 2014 we started the design and production of Bluetooth Speaker. With the unique design, good quality and excellent service, we have established business relationship with world famous company such as Walmart, Carrefour, Auchan, Sonae and LG.