The Differences between LCD Screen and LED Screen
2021-11-10 13:49:10Views: 2

Most clients always confuse the differences between LCD screen and LED screen in our daily sales work. Kerchan will give a brief introduction based on below characteristics.

First of all, the application place: The key factor for indoor and outdoor application is the changeable of light. Eyes are very sensitive to the brightness. Due to the weak light in indoor, the brightness of screen should be lower. According to the International standard, brightness more than 700cd/ ㎡ will harm eyes. While owing to the strong sunshine in the open air, only the high brightness of the screen can present the image clearly which can be seen by people.
The best eye viewing effect can be achieved by the LCD screen brightness from 450 cd/㎡to 700 cd/㎡ with uniform brightness and color saturation. With intense brightness, the image in LED screen is still clear even the sun illuminates directly . It can adjust the screen brightness function automatically to obtain good play effect in the different illumination environments. So it can be used in indoor and outdoor. But with the self luminous display technology, the screen brightness of LED screen is generally very high. If you want to control the brightness to conform human eyes for the best viewing effect, LCD screen is the better choice.

Secondly, LCD screen is better than LED screen on the features of life time, response time, power consumption. Except that, the view angle of LCD screen is over 178 degrees with the image vertical adjustment technology, wider than LED screen.

Every coin has two sides. Therefore, when to choose LCD screen or LED screen is depending on the application environment and product quality of the manufacturers.